Scorpio Oct. 24 - Nov. 21

Scorpio October 24 - November 21

If you know anyone born under the sign of Scorpio, perhaps you have noticed that they possess a powerful duality. They have enormous spiritual strength and will power—whatever they want, they can usually get—while at the same time they have the potential to be, well, not so nice.


That duality is now ours for the next month. During the month of Scorpio you are likely to experience extreme emotions of jealousy, hate, and wanting to walk away. Things will seem black and white, all or nothing.

When you find your thoughts headed down this road, ask yourself “Why is this happening, what is the Light trying to show me?” Remember, it is never about the other person or situation, and always about you and your spiritual growth. The energy of Scorpio offers us tremendous sensitivity and intuition, so if we can resist reacting and manage to look within, we will have great insights and inner strength this month.

Scorpio is a pressurized month, but rest assured there will be many opportunities to tap into our spiritual bank accounts that we have set up during the past months of Virgo and Libra. The positive aspect of this pressure is that it is the Light showing us what we need to change. Be on the lookout for messages about what isn't working for you in your life. Maybe it's a relationship you’re stuck in or a job that isn't fulfilling you. It is any situation where no matter what you do, it continues to be unfulfilling. This month is the time to take action, to switch out of these self-destructive tracks.

Be merciful though, and don't beat yourself up too bad. Just see what needs changing, make the switch, and move on. The hardest part of this process is “seeing” the reality and not the illusion.

And don't forget to extend mercy to others. How many times have we said, “I have told you twice already!”? We have all the patience in the world for ourselves when we make mistakes, but do we have the same patience with others? Do we let other people have a chance to change or are we quick to judge?

-Yehuda Berg


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